Why your company needs to look into data backup plan now!

Most business owners deem their digital data as critical or high importance to the business, how vital it is to protect the data on their computer systems. Yet despite this, most SME’s are not routinely backing up their data.The causes of data loss are much more common than we might suppose. Natural disasters such as fires and floods aside, evidence shows that a surprising number of businesses experience data loss due to a simple human error such as the accidental deletion or overwriting of files. Disc or system failure, viruses, failed applications, sudden power losses or surges, over-heating, electrostatic discharge and physical damage to the storage device or medium are also often to blame.

Most remarkable of all is the fact that a comprehensive back up system can be put in place for a modest fee!
<br/ >Here are a few data loss statistics every business owner should be aware of when deciding whether or not data backup is essential:

Data loss consequences

Data backup is one of the most important aspects of any IT environment but while systems are working there is a huge temptation to set aside backup tasks in favor of what is perceived to be more valuable work.

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