Top 5 Benefits of Managed Hosting and Managed IT Services

A common productivity tool in today’s workforce is a computer. We install applications on it to perform our daily operations such as checking our inventory, preparing a quotation or issuing an invoice. The need to stay connected via the internet to search for information, share data and replying emails would suggest that a company’s minimal IT setup would be that of a computer, router/modem, printers, etc. That is the setup for majority of SMEs in Singapore. Going a step further, some SMEs may have the need to share data and may use a Network-Attached Storages or file server in doing so.

While there are many solution providers in the market that cater for such IT setups, SMEs are often left to maintain it by themselves and hope that nothing breaks down. Although many retailers offer warranties on their IT products in the event of any hardware failure but that would mean going through the hassle of liaising over the phone or sending the faulty item in for repair.

In Singapore, not all SMEs maybe able to justify the cost of having a full time system engineer to oversee such infrastructure especially when the setup is minimal.

That is where Base 2 Managed IT Services comes into play.

The general cost of an IT maintenance contract varies among providers in Singapore. Some peg their rates to number of users and other may do so by looking at man hours.

Here at Base2, we charge a flat rate with unlimited support, after a free assessment of your environment and infrastructure so that there is no bill shock.

Consider these facts when you read the infographic below:

  • 46 percent of firms have cut IT expenses by 25 percent or more as a result of managed services.
  • 58 percent of organizations have used managed services for some or all of their IT needs for two to five years, up from 51 percent since 2011.
  • 56 percent of IT leaders are using managed services to reduce costs and/or overhead.

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