Base 2 On Demand Services

IT Support services without a full-time contractual agreement.

Our cost-effective ad-hoc IT support service is perfect for organisations that require professional IT support, but are working within budgetary constraints.

You will have access to our entire portfolio of IT support services, solutions and expertise without being tied into a permanent contractual commitment.

Our comprehensive IT support includes trouble shooting, setting up of network, installation and configuration of computing equipment, cable and server management, etc.

For businesses that requires dedicated IT support, you may wish to consider our IT support maintenance packages with committed service levels.

Only pay for what you use, our services is chargable on an hourly incremental block.
estimations will be provided before service is rendered.
Our team of field support engineer provide fast & effective reactive support when a problem cannot be resolved remotely, or in the instance when emergency onsite IT assistance is required.

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced IT consultants will provide you with  strategic guidance and expert advice for everything related to IT in the workplace and beyond, from cloud adoption to network security.

We will work with you to map out recommendations, projected timeline, estimated budget and benefits gained from the short to long term IT plan.

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