Our clients tap on our expertise in design and development of e-commerce websites that are user centric and equipped with effective e-commerce solutions to facilitate the purchasing transactions.

Some of our e-commerce features are:

  1. Intuitive Product Management System
  2. Invoicing System
  3. Analytics & Reporting
  4. Marketing & Promotional Tools (Promo Codes, Loyalty Programs, Credits, etc)
  5. Live Chat System
  6. Various Payment Integration
  7. Mobile Optimised Layout

We have vast amount of experience and our e-commerce web consultants will be able to advise you on the best e-commerce solutions that fit your budget.

When you engage Base 2 as your e-commerce solution provider, this is what you can expect:

  1. Professional Consultation – understanding and aiding you in devising your e-commerce strategy.
  2. Design & Development of E-commerce website – designing a user centric e-commerce website with acompanying e-commerce tools to maximise sales.
  3. Post Development Suport – Let us help you with your growth. Our post development support includes training for the CMS and monthly recommendations to improve your sales from your website! We provide you with vital information to understand how users on your website behave and recommend how you can improve the contents of your website to achieve the desired results!
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